Construction Phase Services

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Throughout this crucial phase of the construction process, the professionals at Hill Contracting Group believe our outstanding team involvement and management oversight contribute to our continued ability to help our clients meet or exceed budget and scheduling projections in every project.

The services we provide during this phase of project management demonstrate this belief.

Quality Control

Work is continually monitored throughout the construction phase under the supervision of Jim Hill to ensure that targeted quality standards are met at every stage. Inspection procedures include:

  1. A preparatory inspection to ensure that items are in compliance before starting a separate feature of work. This includes approval of shop drawings and submittals; approval of inspection and test reports; and completion of previous operation.
  2. An initial inspection of compliance is completed on the following items upon completion of a representative sample of a given feature: workmanship to establish quality standards; conformance to contract documents; and adequacy of testing methods.
  3. Final inspection and testing are completed using punch-lists as distinct phases of the work are completed.

Weekly Meeting and Scheduling

Working effectively together as a team requires a dedicated focus on communication. This is why all involved parties are continually updated on project progress via weekly meetings. Meeting talking points include the schedule, cost benefit factors, and future progress.

Project Accounting Cost Control

Staying on budget involves closely monitoring all construction-related costs. These include contractual costs, budgetary estimates, subcontractor control accounts, and on-site overhead costs. Employing Timberline software allows us to effectively monitor these projects costs and keep both the management team and our clients up-to-date. The monthly billing process is completed for both the Owner and financial institutions simultaneously in an effort to obtain further cost savings.

Correspondence/Documentation Control

Using Timberline Project Mangement software, we can effectively monitor document flow, with the ability to produce the following reports at any given time:

  • Correspondence logs
  • Drawings and revision logs
  • Submittal logs
  • Periodic reports based on client needs

Operation and Move-in

Full service general contracting continues all the way through move-in to include the coordination of all activities necessary to ensure our clients are reach productivity as quickly as possible. This can include even special requirements such as telephone and utility hook-ups, ambient lighting, water connections, etc.