Additional Services

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The Hill Companies offers a wealth of additional construction project management services to meet the demands of almost any other circumstance that arises.

Structural Concrete Work- Recurative Concrete Structures

The Hill Companies has been providing concrete subcontracting services for many years. All our operations are 100% ACPA certified and our operators have many years of industry experience and can deliver effective, efficient results on any project.

For more information on our concrete services, please click here.

Phased Design Construction (“Fast Track”)

There are certain circumstances under which a client will need to integrate the design and construction phases by starting field construction work on specific items before the design phase is complete. In these cases, The Hill Companies can help with the following:

  • Consulting, advising, assisting and making recommendation for project construction planning
  • Reviewing all plans and specifications as they’re developed, and providing recommendations on factors such as:
  • Construction feasibility
  • Possible economic savings
  • Availability of materials and labor
  • Projected cost
  • Time requirements for procurement and construction
    • Preparing budget estimates based on preliminary plans and specifications, as well as final cost estimates when plans are complete
    • Making purchase recommendations and expediting procurement to ensure delivery is made by required dates
    • Providing recommendations on work division to facilitate in the bidding and awarding of subcontracts
    • Accepting bids in order of priority/need as working drawings and specifications are complete, and then awarding contracts
    • Preparing progress updates for all activities, which will be closely monitored along with schedules and budgets

Fast Track/Permits

To ensure a schedule is maintained, we procure contractor and subcontractor permits quickly for the following items:

  • Shoring, excavation, retaining walls, and building foundations
  • Type I construction, parking garage
  • Type V construction and site work, wood-framed building, and landscaping


We will assist our clients in obtaining easements will be obtained for the following areas of work:

  • Tie-backs for shoring on city property
  •  Slope cuts for mass excavation on city property
  • Temporary fencing, gates and field office for construction


To alleviate concern over the parking of construction vehicles at the site and permanent resident parking, we will:

  • Work with the traffic engineer to develop a viable plan
  • Place striping, curb painting and signage in place at the project’s start
  • Secure a remote parking area for construction workers

Fencing and Gates

We assist our clients in obtaining the necessary permit(s) for the fence and determining its final location, taking into consideration the need to accommodate identified parking spaces in the traffic plan. In the meantime, temporary fences are erected in accordance with the conditions of approval along with gates at necessary construction access points.

Material Delivery and Storage

Material is ordered on an as-needed basis and accepted for delivery as outlined in the conditions of approval. All materials are stored behind the temporary fence until needed in the construction project.

Testing and Inspection

Using price and experience as criteria, we identify and recommend materials testing and inspection companies who we then coordinate and schedule in a timely manner as construction progresses.

Forensic Consultant

If a forensic consultant is needed on a client’s project, we cooperate fully with the consultant, to include weekly participation in field inspections during key construction periods. We also immediately take any necessary corrective action in response to resulting recommendations.

Buyout and Budget Tracking

In addition to taking all the necessary steps to ensure qualified subcontractors and suppliers are chosen, we will also closely monitor the construction project’s budget to help ensure the finished project comes in at or below projected figures.

Additionally, we will help insure our clients have a successful buyout by making recommendations on the following:

  • The lowest qualified bidder for each trade
  • A supplemented list of bidders with suggestions from the Owner
  • Use of the Owner’s national accounts program for material procurement


The Hill Companies will maintain enrollment of all subcontractors on Owner provided insurance programs (OCIP), depending on the Owner’s requirements.

Sales and Marketing

It is always our intention to cooperate fully with our client’s sales and marketing team. This includes site visits and the construction of prototype units ahead of the production schedule. We will also furnish realistic cut-off dates for materials ordering and their incorporation into construction in the case of buyer selections and upgrades.