James A. Hill, President

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As company president, Jim is directly involved in all aspects of project management from design, to construction, to marketing.


  • Attended Fullerton Community College
  • Qualifying Individual of General Contractors License #766905 and #958375


  • Began in 1974 as a carpenter of single-family tracts.
  • Moved quickly up to the role of Director of Construction for Cantwell Properties, Inc. where he supervised superintendents on a number of projects including multi-family, townhome-style, and condominiums.
  • Founded Hillcrest Development Corporation in 1985 where he built multi-family townhome-style condominiums and took on the role of developer, purchasing land, completing the entitlement process, and marketing units.
  • Founded J.A. Hill Corporation in 1988 as the General Contractor for Hillcrest Development Corporation, and continues construction of condominium projects to this day
  • Founded Hill Contracting Group in 1998 for the sole purpose of building apartment projects, with more than 1,200 units built to date.
  • Founded Hill-Iron Builders